Never Mind

Introspective Changes Perspective

Change is the only constant, so this is ‘Music to Change Point of View’... a gathering of tracks connecting elsewhere... Several tracks from Ariel’s 70’s archives on analog tapes. Several more recent tracks.

Ariel Kalma: all instruments, cover art, remastering (with the technical knowledge of Kamal Engel @ Art of Audio, Byron Bay). Background photo of space courtesy of NASA Spitzer telescope.

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Never Mind

1. First Crack, 8:23

2. Corne de Muse, 3:43

3. Parler Oiseau, 6:50

4. The Seeker, 5 :25

5. Trancing 1979, 4 :07

6. War Drum Peace Flute, 1:54

7. Musimage, 2:37

8. Electro Tambura, 5:10

9. Force et Courage, 7:10

10. Out of Breath, 7:50