Cover Art

For Sale

I prepared so much artwork for covers and, upon request, I now offer them for sale. These are just some examples; I have many more and variations of each. I could also do series for music labels. - If you are interested please contact me.

Please click on the image you like to see an enlarged version. - All rights reserved.

Red-Shield-Room5 Burst Crystal Mound 3D-cones-Xtrude
Red Shield Room5 Burst Crystal Mound 3D cones Xtrude
Light-Blues-2 Fire Dance Weaving-Blue Eye ripple
Light Blues 2 Fire Dance Weaving Red Eye Ripple2
Fluo-Head Weaving-Rainbow Fire-Pulse-2 Weaving-Purple
Fluo Head Weaving Rainbow Fire Pulse 2 Weaving Purple
Abstract Red Colors-Paint-Twirl Blue-Green 3x-Buddhas
Abstract Red Colors Paint Twirl Blue Green 3x Buddhas
Cosmo-BlueX Sand-Wind    
Cosmo BlueX Sand Wind